Written by Shigamoto   
Sunday, 30 January 2005
This has been and still is one of the most popular Shareware games available. The core game concept is quite simple, you are steering a motorbike around obstacles in a 2D platform view.


When playing Elastomania for the first time frustration is not far away, the first couple of minutes are really hard and there are definitely some techniques to be learnt.

The controls are very simple and effective; you can brake, accelerate, change direction and balance the bike. You have to balance the bike when you jump so that you don’t tip over backwards or forward.

There are 36 levels in the full version of Elastomania, the levels are designed quite well and some are very challenging. When the levels are completed you can start designing your own levels.

Using the editor that comes with the game does this, the program is easy to use and it will get you going in no time. I’m personally a big fan of level editors since they make the game last longer and they also promote creativity.

What I especially like about Elastomania is that you will not find another game like this, it’s a new concept and considering how scarce new concepts are in today’s gaming community.

The sounds in Elastomania is however not that well composed, they do the job but I would have wanted a more powerful engine sound.

Overall this is a great Shareware game that’s not too expensive, and it will give you plenty of entertainment for hours and hours. It’s also the kind of game that is played from time to time years after you purchased it.

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Developer: Balazs Rozsa
Website for game: http://www.elastomania.com
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: $9.95

Pentium 133 MHz and 16MB RAM
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 MHz, 384 MB RAM and Windows XP


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