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Saturday, 22 January 2005

The original Lemmings were released for the PC in 1990. It was instantly a huge hit since it combined cute graphics with a completely new type of gameplay. A lot of sequels were made and the game was released on a number of different platforms including Amiga, Atari, Super Nintendo and so on.


Lemmings feauters 100 levels with four difficulty ratings (fun, tricky, taxing and mayhem). The ratings differ much and mayhem is really what it sound like. However playing the fun level is really too easy at times, especially in the beginning of the game.


On each level you have to guide your Lemmings through a maze of obstacles. The Lemmings are animals with green hair and blue coats (not your average nature show that is). To guide them you use different kinds of commands, for example you can tell them to dig, blow themselves up, climb and all other kind of stuff. A certain percentage of the Lemmings have to finish on each levels.


The controls can be difficult to handle at times. They are not hard to understand but making the Lemmings do stuff when they are packed close together can be a headache.


As you advance to the next level you will get an access code for that particular level. The system of access codes is something from older console games and even in 1990 it shouldn’t have been that hard to create a save file for the game. When playing the game you will easily end up with piles of different access codes.


DMA Design has however created a good sort of attachment feeling to the little Lemmings. You really start to care for a couple of retard Lemmings and you really don’t like to see them killed. I believe that this is what makes Lemmings such a great game, that the designers really have managed to communicate the feeling of attachment like we haven’t seen before.


Lemmings is a must have, there is many versions of the game but you should have played the first one in the series, both for historical purposes and for just having fun.


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Developer: DMA Design
Related Websites: The World of Lemmings,
The Lemmings Compendium
Publisher: Psygnosis
O/S: DOS Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: N/A

Year of Release:  1990

Tested on:

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card


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