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Friday, 24 December 2004

Wild west games are not really that common on the market today, especially not in the form of 3rd person shooters. Outlawsis what you can call a typical Lucas Arts game; it features a good story, nice Lucas Artish graphics and it's fun to play.


In the game the character you are playing has just lost his family, murdered by a bunch of Outlaws. Of course this character seeks revenge, so that’s what’s the game is about. Perhaps not a stunning story but it does the trick, actually few of the Wild West stories are that stunning.

The whole game is built on a bit older technology than what we are used to today (obviously). Sprites are used to animate the enemies and objects, sometimes the enemy gunmen don’t look that natural, there is some sort of problem with the lightening on some of the sprites, it is noticeable but hardly anything that affect the game that much.

There is a bunch of weapons in the game, all of them are Western inspired, it might be a bit boring but there is some sort of satisfaction in throwing a dynamite at an enemy rather than shrinking them with an alien weapon (not that any violence is satisfying).

The atmosphere in the game could be ripped straight from any western movie; one that I come to think of is Wyatt Earp. This is really what Lucas Arts is good at, creating atmospheres that almost set the player inside the game. Of course the inside game feeling is not as great as some of the Lucas Arts classics, for example the Monkey Island series.

There are some specials in this game that is not seen in any other 3D shooter from this time. One of them is the fact that your enemies are constantly shouting to you to give up and similar stuff. There are also some nice items, like the lamp that you really need when navigating the levels.

I really like most of the level-design in this game. The train level is pretty impressive and fun to play. Unfortunately some of the levels are too complicated for the player to get a grasp on; navigating through a maze of canyons with no obvious way out is not what I consider good level design.

Outlaws is a nice game, it’s one of a few first person shooters set in a Wild West environment (yes yes, it’s groundbreaking if you will). There are some level design that was too well designed and sometimes the levels are not that obvious, but overall a good game in true Lucas Arts spirit.

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Developer: LucasArts
Website for game:
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/
Cost of Full Game: About $15

Pentium 60 MHz and 16MB RAM
Tested on:
Pentium 4 2,4 GHz, 256MB RAM, Radeon Graphics card, Win ME


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