SAGA Named Most Anticipated Upcoming Collectable Game
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Saturday, 12 January 2008

The collectable game industry is buzzing with news about SAGA’s entry into the retail space. SAGA stands alone as the first and only collectable online realtime strategy game. SAGA’s unique game mechanics allow players to use their collectable online miniatures for questing and player-versus-player combat. Unlike all other online collectable games which are turn based, the SAGA game pieces come to life on the battlefield.

A recent poll on, a top collectable game review site, boasting 248,553 unique monthly visitors, ranked SAGA as the #1 anticipated collectable game, beating out the upcoming “Magic: the Gathering” and “World of WarCraft” CCG expansions. “We are ecstatic at the news but we do have an unfair advantage, being an online realtime collectable miniature game in a field of collectable card games. We are currently hard at work using feedback from our closed beta test to further improve the game,” said Slava Zatuchny, Marketing Director for Silverlode Interactive.

Silverlode Interactive is currently holding a number of promotions offering players priority access to the SAGA closed Beta. Many hobby stores across America and Canada have received postcards with priority Beta codes usable at In addition, select websites will be offering a limited number of Beta spots, a complete list of which will be available at next week.

Silverlode Interactive is currently in talks with major distributors to hobby and comic book stores as well as large retail chains to sell SAGA booster packs and starter decks. The SAGA booster pack will contain a code redeemable for 10 collectable miniatures online. The SAGA starter deck will contain a full registered version of the game as well as three booster packs. A full list of distributors will be posted on this month.