Scorched 3D
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Saturday, 27 October 2007

The indie free games market is being flooded of remakes of everything from Metroid to Lucas Arts classics. Scorched 3D is a remake of the popular Scorched game for DOS.


Scorched 3D is yet another turn-based artillery game. The main objective is to take out the competition by using tanks with cannons. The cannons have to be aimed in the right way in order to get a hit. The accuracy of the shot is determined by angle, wind and power.  To your help you will have the HUD, which displays information about vertical and horizontal angle and the weapon in use.

Graphically Scorched 3D looks quite nice, if you ever did some modeling using the landscape renderer Bryce you will feel right at home. The landscapes often have high mountains and deep valleys. The camera views in the game is a bit of a headache, it’s often hard to know which of the pre-defined ones to use and you often have to shift between them.  When moving the camera around freely you are taken on an odyssey of strange angles.
There are a number of tanks in Scorched 3D, each with their own characteristics. You can select everything from Bradley’s to AH-64 Apache helicopters. There is also a bunch of Russian tanks to choose from.

In Scorched 3D you earn money by either damaging an enemy tank or taking it out completely.  It is also possible to earn interest on money you keep in the bank. All the earnings are used to buy new more weaponry, fuel or shields.
Each turn you can either move the tank by consuming fuel or fire rounds off. Shields are used when the enemy is firing at you, it’s possible to set when the shield should be activated.

There are several types of weapons in the game. First of all there are rounds that damage enemy tanks and others that do damage on terrain (Hole-y weapons). Damaging terrain can be quite convenient if for example want to remove parts of a mountain to get a better view.
The weapons used against enemies are gravity, multi-part and seeker class weapons. The gravity weapons explode on contact with enemy tanks, weapons in this category are napalm and rollers. Rollers rolls downhill and explodes upon impact with a tank. Multi-part weapons splits into smaller pieces before hitting the enemy.

There are three seeker class weapons; diggers, sandhogs and funky bombs. Diggers and sandhogs come from underground and hit the enemy. A funky bomb splits into several smaller bombs which then home in on the enemy. Obviously a seeker class weapon is easier if you are a bad shot or have an unfavorable firing position.

In Scorched 3D there are two game-modes; single and online multiplayer. Single player games are played against the bots, with varying AI depending on difficulty level. However it is obvious that the AI needs some work since the only real difference between the different levels is the ability for the enemy to hit accurately.

Multiplayer online is where Scorched 3D really shines. It’s fun and very hard to stop playing, however this all depends on the quality of the server and the players there.

The controls in the game are a bit complicated; there are definitely some keys to keep track of for doing different things. Since there is no rush because the game is turn-based it doesn’t matter much, but it is always nice to see new innovation in this area.
Scorched 3D is an addictive game but really comes to life when playing online. It also has an amazing depth but lacks a background story. The singe player part of the game is also weak, all in all this game can be recommended to anyone but there Scorched 3D still has room for improvement.


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Gavin Camp, Scorched 3D
Website for Game:
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, MAC, Linux
Cost of Full Game: Free, donations.
Where to get:
Click here to download!
Year of Release: 2006

500 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 3D Graphics Card, Direct X 8.0
Tested on:
Intel Core2Duo 1,86 GHz, 2 GB RAM, Windows Vista


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To capture a screenshot in the game Press F5, the screen is stored (in Windows) C:\Documents and Settings\User

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