Lunar Domination
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Saturday, 30 June 2007

Earth is all out of metal and mankind now caters to the moon to get its precious resources. In Lunar Domination from Valen Games you can become the next ore tycoon.


We have seen a bunch of different management games, involving everything from real estate to lemonade. Lunar Domination is set on the moon where a new mineral race just started. A number of entrepreneurs are set to search for aluminum, titanium and iron ore.

In Lunar Domination the moon is divided into sectors, each sector has a certain number of ore pits which you can build mines on in order to start producing.  Obviously the sectors are not free, they have to be paid for so the more the make the more land you can get under your competitors noses.

The basics of Lunar Domination is producing ore and selling it at a lower price than your competitors. A lower price will often win you the orders unless your competitors go even lower, this process is done through an auction-type interface.  The interface is easy to understand but I wish that it would have been more advanced. For example it is impossible to counter-offer after your competitors have placed an offer.

Ore production has to be done as smoothly and timely as possible. Your clients do not like cancellations and they hate delays. In order to produce ore you ned an ore mine, a refinery, life support unit, space port and housing for your workers.  

The more life support units you have the more workers and other buildings you can fit into a sector. Having a lot of workers increases your production and delivery rate.  To get even higher prices for the ore it is possible to build an ore refining plant.

Graphically Lunar Domination is very similar to games like Dune 2000 and Deadlock II, which seems a little old with today’s standards.  I do like the textures though but in my mind Lunar Domination lacks shadows, especially around the buildings.  However the graphics and interface is very clear. You always know what to do, how to add more workers and perform other tasks.

The soundtrack in Lunar Domination is ok within the game, but I do not like the menu music. It reminds me of one of those flaky progressive rock songs. The soundtrack is a bit too confrontative for a management game and would have been more suitable in an RTS game.

As always with these kinds of games it is important to find the right balance between numbers and fun-factor. I think Valen games have made a good job, but Lunar Domination could have been more detailed with more variables in the game.  It is fun to play though and might attract a wider audience since it is very easy to learn.  Lunar Domination is far from a perfect game but with some more development it could be a very good game.

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Developer: Valen Games
Website for Game:
O/S: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, MAC OS (coming soon according to Valen)
Cost of Full Game:
Year of Release: 2007

Tested on:
Intel Core2Duo 1,86 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista


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