Urban Terror
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Saturday, 16 June 2007

When ID Software released the Quake III Arena source code they generated a bunch of total conversions, one of them got quite popular, Urban Terror.


Urban Terror is actually a pretty old total conversion for Quake III Arena, the first beta was released back in 2000 by a company called Silicon Ice, which later changed named to FrozenSand. The first version of Urban Terror was bug ridden and not what we are used to, but the team worked to correct much of it, this review is based on version 4.0 released in 2007.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union a number of terrorists groups thrived and are now a threat to the free world. A special task force is created to battle the terrorists groups. As usual in these kinds of games the story is pretty lame as there are no main characters.  

Urban Terror can be played in single player (against bots) but is best played in multiplayer over the Internet. On each level two teams (terrorists and SWAT) will battle each other. There are a bunch of different modes including capture the flag, survival, bomb mode, follow the leader, capture and hold and deathmatch. Capture the flag and survival is what’s played on most servers, they are both fun but we have seen them before.

The levels in Urban Terror is obviously urban (hence the name). There are middle-eastern inspired levels, some European ones (Prague and Austria) and a couple of general industrial and urban ones. If you played Quake III Arena you will instantly notice the type of light on the levels, it also seems as if the graphics engine is getting old. Compared to Warrock (another free first person alternative) the levels don’t cut it, they are too small.

Urban Terror has a lot of weapons, even from the beginning of the game. A complete rookie can access them all. The weapons included are Beretta, Desert Eagle, MP5, UMP5, SPAS-12, Colt M4, G36E, AK-103, LR-300, Remington SR8 and a number of others. It’s possible to carry three weapons and a knife; you can also change weapons during the game if you are not happy with them. Most of the weapons are pretty realistic except for the sniper rifles which are unbalanced and too easy to use.

Realism is something FrozenSand has used a lot in the marketing of Urban Terror, and yes the game is realistic compared to Quake III Arena but if you compare to real life or other more advanced games it’s not. It’s still possible to jump high into the air and avoid getting shot at. Urban Terror also frequently has connection problems during the game, they cause the game to freeze for about a millisecond, but it’s enough to get shot. The game is however better on reporting connection related problems, you always see your ping and if your connection is interrupted.

Urban Terror is rather fun, I miss vehicles and better levels. The game can’t simply compete with Warrock; the developers are locked into the Quake III Arena engine, which is limiting them a lot.

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Developer: FrozenSand
Website for Game: http://www.urbanterror.net
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Linux
Where to get:
Download here!
Year of Release: 2007 (first beta release in 2000)

Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB VRAM
Tested on:
Intel Core2Duo 1,86 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista


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1. 25-11-2008 04:59
plz help me
iv got a windows vista computer, and Urban Terror doesen't like windows vista, well i think it doesn't because its not working, so does anyone have any suggestions that you could help me with... someone please help me i really wanna play it it looks really good! 
Kind Regards, 
Nathan Gaze
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2. 21-07-2007 17:10
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