Mario Forever
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Sunday, 10 June 2007

Super Mario is one of the most successful game series ever created, took the Mario Forever fan game for a test drive. How does the game compare to the original? Read our review to find out.

Mario Forever Screenshot

Bowser has attacked the Mushroom kingdom and kidnapped the princess. Mario is once again brought in to save the day. The story is uninspired but it will do for this type of game, however Buziol Games had the chance to a nice story but they went for the simple solution.
When first playing Mario Forever 4 (which is the latest version when this was written) it feels a bit strange playing Mario on a computer using a keyboard. The response time is not as fast as with the old NES-controller. This can cause you to jump too late or make other mistakes.

Fan remakes always have a danger of being exactly as the game it tries to replicate. Mario Forever 4 is however a bit different, which is nice. For example Buziol mixed elements from Super Mario World with the older NES-games. The finish line is from Super Mario World while much of the level design is inspired by the 8-bit versions of the series.  Buziol Games did not include many elements from Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario World 2, so there are no vegetables you can throw or enemies from those games.

The level design is good most of the time, but on some levels you feel that the developers ran out of creative things to do. Instead they just inserted a bunch of enemies or a couple of blocks with coins on them.  You will not see the quality level design that made Nintendo famous.  Buziol managed to include some nice levels though; there is at least one unusual level in each world. Yes there is even water world.
The background music is instantly recognizable from the Mario console games.  However there are definitely some new tracks in there, they sound quite good.

Mario Forever 4 does not contain any multiplayer options; it is strictly a one player game. I would have wanted a hot seat mode, or maybe even some nice online mode.  Even an online score ladder had made the trick.

The game is very entertaining to play, it does not have the same high quality as the original Mario games but is without a doubt the best Mario fan game for PC. If you like I played Super Mario Bros and all the sequels until your hands cramped you will love Mario Forever 4.

Mario Forever Screenshot Mario Forever Screenshot Mario Forever Screenshot Mario Forever Screenshot

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Developer: Buziol Games
Website for Game: N/A
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista
Where to get:
Download here!
Year of Release: 2006

Tested on:
Intel Core2Duo 1,86 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista

Score 6

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1. 10-08-2007 10:09
I love to play Mario 4. I have cleared stages upto level 3 many times(World-1). I am unable to kill dragon at level 4 and every time I need to try from very first level. 
please let me know, how can I save completed level. 
Ajay Kumar Misra
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2. 09-08-2007 18:20
Yah, me too; um i keep losing my work after i close the game. wuts with that? wheres the save button?
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3. 12-07-2007 14:01
i want to know how to save my game on mario forever for pc...
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