Pocket Heroes released
Written by NewsGuy   
Sunday, 03 June 2007

iO UPG announced today the release of Pocket Heroes - a step-by-step strategy game with RPG elements. Pocket Heroes keeps abreast of the best traditions of both RPGs and strategies and is suitable for admirers of King's Bounty and Heroes of Might and Magic. The development team has
created this game taking into account various demands from players all over the world.

The strategy game features a classic fantasy world, colorful graphics, and amazing gameplay fit into a stunning intuitive interface. The game has 5 difficulty levels and offers the player 37 maps, 36 heroes, 73 unique artifacts, and more than 50 constructions.

The main purpose of the game is development and battle. Use any of the 7 resources to improve your castle. Don't forget to establish your army both to protect the castle, the mines, and conquer new lands. The so-called Heroes - troop leaders - play the key role in the game. In most cases, it is crucial to have a skilled hero in order to win the game. Each hero can have up to 4 primary and 22 secondary skills. In addition to this, a hero can learn more than 40 spells.

Pocket Heroes 1.01 is available at http://www.pocketheroes.org/