Fire Fight
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Monday, 15 November 2004
Firefight is a World War 2 strategy game on a squad based level. The game is very similar to the Close Combat series. You maneuver different units through a battlefield. When first starting Firefight you are presented with the proclamation of war Winston Churchill made in 1939. This speech certainly creates the atmosphere you want in any combat strategy game.

The controls are quite simple and you can actually figure them out within a couple of seconds. You use the mouse to move your units. The only problem is that your units can only move in groups and not as individual soldiers which means that more advanced tactics are out of the question.

There are several units to choose from, such as infantry, mortar squads, tanks and many more. The game is well balanced and works as it probably did in World War 2. That is when you call in the tanks and back them up with infantry your enemies withdraw if they only have infantry themselves.

However in this game it

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