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Tuesday, 10 April 2007
Uziana.com takes a look at the fourth installment of Sierras tactical shooter about LAPD SWAT.

SWAT 4 Screenshot 1

A couple of years back tactical shooters were very uncommon, Sierra developed the first SWAT-game more like an adventure game. The only real tactical shooter as we know them today were Delta Force by Novalogic. However these days the shelves at the game stores are overflowing with tactical shooters; SWAT, Ghost Recon and Counter Strike is among the most popular ones.

SWAT 4 is a bit different from most shooters though, you can actually decided if you want to move in shooting everything that moves or make entry trying to use non-lethal force and spare as many lives as possible.

The game features a number of different missions, if you played SWAT 3 you’ve seen most of them before; VIP protection, entry into smaller houses, hostage situations, terrorists who have seized entire convention centers and so on. The briefings and environments are however much better in the sequel, one level were you are to arrest a serial killer is really scary.

SWAT 4 features a number of interesting weapons including the MP5, two kinds of shotguns, a version of the M4 assault rifle and a number of side-arms. The non-lethal weapons includes pepper-spray, stun-gun and beanbags.

Single player in SWAT 4 is sort of fun, if you played the game once you will know it the second time you play it. Sierra brags about how SWAT 4 is different every-time you play it, since the suspects and hostages has changed locations. In real play the missions are however quite similar. The game offers some intense fire-fights, but most of the time you need to be really fast, the smaller missions are over after a couple of shots. Graphically SWAT 4 is much better than it’s predecessor, the light is much more dynamic the characters animation has also improved.

The multiplayer in SWAT 4 is among the best experiences in any tactical shooter we have played. SWAT 4 is actually a very different game in multiplayer. Players are divided into teams, suspects or SWAT. Shooting and killing your opponent will get you 1 point while using non-lethal force and arresting the opponent will earn 5 points.

There is also a VIP-protection mode in which one team protects a VIP while the other team tries to kidnap him. SWAT 4 also has a multiplayer mode where a team should find and diffuse bombs, while the opponent team protects them.

Even though the multiplayer in SWAT 4 is loads of fun and the best part of the game it comes with some problems. For example there is no auto-kick built in, a player can gun down all team-mates and do it all over again until people get fed-up and disconnects from the server, SWAT 4 requires active admins, a rare occurrence on many servers.

SWAT 4 is among the best tactical shooters right now, despite being two years old when this is written. The real upside of the game is the addictive multiplayer modes and fast-paced action.

SWAT 4 Screenshot 1 SWAT 4 Screenshot 2 SWAT 4 Screenshot 3 SWAT 4 Screenshot 4
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Developer: Irrational Games
Website for Game: http://www.swat4.com/
Publisher: Sierra
O/S: Windows ME/2000/XP
Year of Release: 2005

Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card

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