CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Written by Shigamoto   
Friday, 02 February 2007

CSI sure was a TV-series hit all over the world, how does the game hold up? Read our review to find out.

You are the new intern at CSI Las Vegas, your first case is the death of a showgirl in a shady hotel, a typically CSI case. The entire cast from the TV-series is present in this game, in each of the cases you get you will tag along with either Grissom, Catherine, Nick, Sarah or Warrick. Greg and the coroner is also participating in the game, so basically playing the game is like just another episode of CSI with interactivity.

Much of CSI is about collecting evidence and piece it together unfolding an underlying motive. To gather evidence you use different tools, the evidence could for example be fingerprints, tire tracks, bugs, footprints, DNA and so on. The autopsy is another part of the evidence gathering, it’s basically the coroner talking about the cause of death and showing some characteristic CSI footage.

Finding the evidence on the scenes isn’t always that obvious, and you often miss pieces that could have helped you get a more solid case. The first case is easy to get 100% of the evidence but the other cases are more difficult. However you don’t need all the evidence to solve a case.
Processing the evidence is done with the help of Greg, the microscope or the computer. Greg handles most of the evidence and the rest you process on your own. Prints and tire tracks runs through the computer using AFIS.

Much of the processing is about comparing and matching prints and tracks, so basically it’s just to move them into the computer and AFIS will match them for you. However it’s rather interesting to see if you get matches, and you almost get happy when AFIS reports positive matches. The cases are different from one another, but there is a line connecting them, which you will discover in the last case in the game.

CSI contains a lot of clicking and dragging, if you do it wrong the cast will remark on it. But it isn’t always crystal clear on what to do, so it can get annoying with all the remarks.Also every time you choose to go to the lab Greg will say something like “what’s up”, this takes time to load if you run the game from the CDs and gets annoying if you just want to run something quick by AFIS.

Overall CSI is a good game, what I like about it is the good story and evolvement of the storyline during the. I also love the different characters, you almost always think that they got something to hide and it’s a joy to find out what. But CSI is a bit too much point and click, it gets annoying and feels a bit slow at times. This game could have been a modern Police Quest, but I can’t say that it’s engaging from start to end.

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Developer: 369 Interactive
Website for Game: http://csi.ubi.com/
Publisher: UBI Soft
O/S: Windows 95C/98/ME/2000/XP /Vista
Cost of full game: N/A
Year of Release: 2003

Pentium II 300 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 8 MB VRAM
Tested on:
AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz, 2x512 MB RAM, Geforce 4 64 MB, Windows XP.

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