WOOMB.net extends game lineup with Zanac-Ex and Hydlide 3
Written by NewsGuy   
Wednesday, 13 December 2006
Bazix have extended the lineup of WOOMB.net, an online retro gaming platform, with the Japanese games "Hydlide 3" and "Zanac Ex". Both games and their manuals have - like all Japanese titles available at WOOMB.net - been retranslated from Japanese to English.

The Hydlide series are reknown for being amongst the very first Role Playing Games. The first two parts of the series were already available at WOOMB, but they can only stand in the shadow of the groundbreaking third edition, which introduced a huge variety of new characteristics to the RPG genre. Released in 1987, this game from T&E Soft took the gaming community by surprise, introducing such elements as flow of time (night and day), maximum carrying weight of weapons and items, food and hunger affecting game skills, a huge variety of different player characteristics and a vast amount of different locations. Hydlide 3 includes a 64 page (!) manual that introduces you to the large amount of features in the game.

Zanac Ex is the MSX2 remake of the 1986 shoot'em-up classic "Zanac". With Zanac already setting the standard for modern day shoot'em-ups, Zanac Ex brings you more, better looking levels and a perfected A.I. game engine that adapts game difficulty to your weapons setup and gaming skills. The quality of gameplay was unprecedented at the time, and still as intuitive and addictive 20 years later. Both the prequel "Zanac" and the follow-up series "Aleste" are available at WOOMB.net as well.

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