Elephant Software announces release date for RIP2
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Thursday, 26 October 2006

Elephant Software has announced November 31 2006 as the official release date for RIP 2. The sequel will include over 100 levels, 25 new weapons and multiplayer capabilities. Elephant Games has also announced the story for RIP 2;

”In the middle of the 22nd century the scientists discovered the portal to the Sorcery World.
The magic power was seized by the new Dictator. With the help of the necromancy and cyber technologies he keeps the entire planet under control. His experiments have been razing the boundaries between the worlds. One more step - and the last border will be destroyed, turning the Earth into the cauldron of sorcery. Three mortals and three immortals have volunteered for the unannounced war. One of them must stop the Dictator and lock the World Gates forever…”

For more info about the game and a downloadable demo click here.