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Sunday, 14 November 2004

When you hear first person shooters being mentioned you instantly think about ID Software’s action game Quake. The game was released in 1996 and was quite revolutionary compared to the rest of the games on the market at that time.



While most first person shooters used 2D sprites Quake used real 3D models. However the game was not just a technical achievement. Quake is set in a cold dark world in the usual ID Software manner. Your job is actually just to get from A to B on each level. Some levels are easier with fewer problems to be solved and some are huge.

It’s not just a question on navigating the level; you also have to fight of zombies, knights and a load of other strange monsters. At the time these 3D models were very frightening and they still are in some cases. Running through a claustrophobic dark level, chased by evil monsters and at the same time hearing the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack in the background is really frightening and exciting.

Quake was also famous for it’s multiplayer options and code. Actually the game is responsible for launching the online gaming experience as we see them today. Suddenly millions of Quake players could meet on their favourite levels. A wave of expansion packs and third party skins and conversions hit the market, the game was very adaptable in the sense that it wasn’t that hard to develop your own skins, weapons and levels.

For those of who played Quake all the time the game might have lost it’s appeal. Some people still remember the levels in detail after eight years and that should tell you what great experience it was. Unfortunately much of the online Quake gaming community has died down because of more recent and advanced online games.

When playing Quake today you can’t however deny the fact that the game is the core of what we see today. This was the first game in the flood of first person shooters with 3D objects we see today. The graphics were of course stunning at the time and they still do the trick but there are far more advanced graphics on the market today.

It’s hard to write this, but Quake doesn’t give the same experience as it did eight years ago. It’s still fun but the frightening fresh experience is gone. However for those of you haven’t played Quake at all you really should, it’s a great game both for historic reasons and just to have a good time. The game deserves to be kept for safekeeping, to be handled with care for future generations to see it and enjoy it.

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Screenshots from http://www.idsoftware.com

Developer: ID Software
Website for game: N/A
Publisher: GT Interactive
O/S: DOS and Win /95/98/ME
Cost of Full Game: About $15.00 can be hard to find.

486 DX 66 mhz 16 mb ram
Tested on:
Pentium Celeron 333 mhz, 64 mb, Win 98


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