General FAQ
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Sunday, 14 November 2004
Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This FAQ is updated regulary when questions pop-up.

Whatís all about? were created as an online gaming magazine to meet the increasing demand for independent developers to get their titles reviewed which can be hard in todayís gaming world. We provide reviews for various shareware, freeware and commercial games some of them are new and others are older.

Why is Independent Developers so important?

Think that giants like Westwood, ID Software, Blizzard and many others started out small and independent. We want to give todayís future hit makers a chance to show their products to the public.

Can I as an Independent Developer submit my game for you to review?

Yes you can, we would be happy to review it. But just donít send an email with the game attached, we would like a download link or a heads up for the attachment. Also we donít accept adult, sadistic, racist or those corny political flash games. Also right now we can only review games from Windows and DOS. We will however in the future try to go for Linux as well.

Why review older games?

When it comes to old games we believe that they are important, not only for nostalgic reasons but also to achieve a greater understanding on how the gaming industry have emerged from being nothing to a multi million dollar industry.

From where do you get the older games you review?

The founder of this site, Daniel, has a large collection of old games ranging from 1989 to present time. If we canít find the game there we buy them from the sold out series or other similar series. If the game is very rare we scout Ebay and flea markets.

Is it possible to buy old games from you?

No we do not sell any old games ourselves. However we are trying to link you to websites that still sale the game.

How do I advertise on, is it expensive?

Anyone within the business or relating to the gaming/computer industry can advertise on Just send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We will get back to you on pricing, and no is not very expensive to advertise on, it can prove very affordable for your business.

Do you do previews of promising shareware/freeware games?

We do, however we do not have a section of the site dedicated for this. If there is an increasing demand for previews we will of course change this. Itís ok to contact us for previews of your game.

How do I link to

Go to our Link To Us Section.