Action Games

Alien Arena
A first person shooter with both online and single player capability, in which you are sent to Mars to fight aliens, based on the Quake 3 engine.

America's Army Review
An online FPS by the US Army.

FEAR Combat
The multiplayer component of FEAR.

A 3D-action game set in a forum, you have to flame before getting flamed.

Marathon Trilogy
Bungee released the Marathon series for free, so far only for MAC, PC-versions are on the way.

You are trapped in an underground base on Greenland, packed with monsters.

Space Cowboy Online
A 3D massive multiplayer online game where the players control spaceships (called Gears) on different missions.

Starsiege: Tribes
The Sierra Classic released as a free download, a really nice FPS.

A mixture between FPS and RTS, played online.

A Battlefield 2 clone with a solid amount of players, weapons and vehicles. Currently in BETA.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Review
Online FPS similar to Battlefield 1942 and others.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 August 2007 )