Platform Games

A classic game, commercial release that later on became free.

Akuji The Demon
A japaneese platformer with manga graphics.

Return some stolen bee eggs in this platformer.

Castlevania Quest
Fan remake of Castlevania, uses the same graphics as in Simon's Quest.

Castlevania Quest Horror
Fanmade 3D-platformer based on the NES game Castlevania.

Clouds Kingdom 3
A fighting based platformer, 16-levels in 4 different settings.

Meant to be educational about saving energy, has some interesting elements though.

Halo Zero
Halo goes platform.

Hard Hat 3 Review
Based on the Mega Man-series for NES, here you play as a disgruntled Metool.

Heli Mission
Rescue prisoners of war with your helicopter.

Mario Forever
A fan remake of Super Mario Bros 3.

Stick Man
Stick Man must avenge the death of his family.

Super Mario X
A fanmade version of Super Mario, playable online in Flash.

Super Tux
A 2D platform game, similar to the Super Mario games.

Worminator 3 Review
A worldwide war is taking place between worms, you are a worm commando.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 September 2006 )