Chameleon Gems released
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Sunday, 23 July 2006
Dekovir Entertainment has announced the release of "Chameleon Gems" 1.0. The game lets you traverse a map of an ancient land and solve puzzles on the way. At each destination, you will discover a stone idol of a chameleon and a chain of colored gems, which are continually rolling along the spiral track towards a hole in the ground. Your objective is to control the idol and, using its magic power, blast gems before they reach the hole. Quick reaction and powerups will help you solve puzzles that become increasingly difficult with each level.

The trick of the game is to keep pace with the rolling chain of gems and clear them all away by using the chameleon idol. The idol's head tracks your mouse pointer, so moving the idol around, you shoot at a group of two or more gems of the same color. The chameleon fires a ball from its mouth and gems disappear, adding points to your score. At the end of each level, the score is converted to money that you can spend at the shop to buy extra lives or new skins for the chameleon. Each skin comes with different powerups and effects.

Download Demo Here