The Forgotten Element, announced!
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Monday, 15 May 2006

CG Empire today announced that their new game; The Forgotten Element will be available during 2006. The adventure game features an interesting story with an classic-style adventure interface. Excerpt from CG Empire’s homepage:

”The timeless shores of Seahorse Island lay many miles out from the main-land. A small and isolated place, the islanders have lived a simple life for as long as anybody can remember.

The story begins with Mia waking up in a hospital bed after being found asleep in the woods by the island doctor. She wakes amidst a growing crisis on Seahorse Island. The crops have stopped growing, and the trees and plant-life are mysteriously dying despite an abundance of rain. Furthermore, Mia has no memory of who she is, or where she came from.”

More info about the game on: will definitely test the game when it goes public.