White Elephant Games Interview
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Saturday, 04 March 2006

We sat down and interviewed White Elephant games about their operations, games and intentions.

What games were you inspired by when developing RIP?
Of course we took Crimsonland as a base, but mostly we were inspired by
old school arcades (like Sega ones) and to some extent, by books by
Terri Pratchet.

What do you try to think about when developing games?
Our game designer Peter Efimov: "I try to keep in mind the image of the final
product i.e., as if the game is already released and I play it
evaluating its graphics, dynamic, gameplay. And sometimes I think of
the difficulties the programmer and the artist may face while reading
my concept. So when I remember it, I try to make it easier :)"

Andrey Pahmutov, Director:"When adding a new feature the
only thing I can think of: whether the gamers will like it or not."
And all of us sometimes think "That's cool what we are doing!We are
really lucky to have such a job!"

Are there any differences between the Russian PC Games market and the rest of the world?
Andrey Pahmutov, director:" I think that shareware games market doesn't
exist in Russia at all,since Russians aren't used to pay to use the game
:) So when developing games for the foreign game market,we try not to take into account
the tastes and interests of Russian gamers. And foreign gamers(Americans and
others) are much more exacting and choosy about the quality of the
games(about graphics and technology in particular). So we do our best
to meet their requirements and develop high quality products."

You distribute games using the shareware concept, but has also
distributed games through regular publishers, which way do you prefer?

Andrey Pahmutov, director: "If we are to choose between shareware and
CD we'd choose the former. It's more democratic and leaves room for
creativity. But when making this choice it's very important
to have constant and reliable business partners at the same time."

What’s the best part with being an independent developer?
Peter Efimov, game designer:"Theoretically, nobody limits the indies' "flight of fancy".
But practically it's not exactly so, since all the developers
must strictly follow the state of the market. So, the best thing about
us as independent deveopers is that we still exist.

How do you see White Elephant Games in five years?
Andrey Pahmutov, director: "Nice office, 100 workers, 20 of whom are
main developers, the rest-just for the mass. The team is working on a
super popular 3D arcade project for PlayStation 5:)
And joking aside, we'd love to work on developing mobile games and the
games for GBA."

What are your plans for the near future?
Currently we have several good original ideas to realize which
we are looking for experienced partners. So if you are a publisher or a
distributor and you are interested in work with us, please get in
touch: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We thank White Elephant games for their time and wish good luck on future games.