Cannon Fodder
Written by Shigamoto   
Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Sensible Software developed it and Virgin made a long silly TV-commercial to promote it, Cannon Fodder hit the shelves in 1991 and added a lot of new features to the scene.

Gamers had already seen Ikari Warriors for the NES, a lot of connections can be made to Cannon Fodder. The main concept is basically to control your little squad of marines through various missions.

Most of the game is about reflexes, how fast you can fire and react to enemy attacks. The controls are quite easy to grasp, you simply click where you want your squad to go and fire with the other mouse button.

The first missions in Cannon Fodder are quite simple and doesn’t do much to get the player hooked. They are designed to introduce the player to the game, but they are too basic. However the mission design gets better and you will soon be involved in hostage rescue operations, protecting civilians and destroying buildings. There are 72 levels in the game, which makes it extensive enough. Cannon Fodder features some different environments; however the main landscape is jungle with rivers, lots of paths and trees.

Cannon Fodder is surprisingly interactive, you can use vehicles such as jeeps, tanks and gunships. The game changes a lot when vehicles are introduced because the player can use new tactics. Tanks are very effective overall, its fun watching the computer AI flee when you use them

The squad you control gain experience after each mission, the members can also die and when they do you loose a lot of experience. When playing you also get an attachment with the squad members and you simply don’t want them to die (unlike more recent strategy games).

Cannon Fodder has some nice sounds, but they have grown a bit old and weak. I would have like more powerful explosion and weapon effects.

Overall the game is fun to play, it’s nice with the experience points which many more recent games lack. The graphics haven’t aged that well and the sounds needs some tuning up, maybe it’s time for a remake?

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Developer: Sensible Software
Website for Game: N/A
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Year of Release: 1993

Tested on:
AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz, 2x512 MB RAM, Geforce 4 64 MB, Windows XP.

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