Write for Us FAQ
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 19 January 2006

Below are some detailed information related to writing for us:

What’s in it for me?

Your name/business name and website gets exposure in connection with the article (usually a snippet at the end of the article). If you submit two articles you get a text link for two weeks on our front page.

Is it ok to review any game that I own?

Basically yes, if we haven’t already reviewed it. However we are not after the very latest games, and please email us before you start writing the review.

What should the review contain?
A text containing some basic features of the game, some background and your opinion. It should also contain screenshots.

How long should the review be?
A minimum of about 400 words.

What should a feature contain?
Features are more detailed than other content, so it has to be more research, a couple of nice pictures. A feature can also be written from a personal point of view.

How long should a feature be?
A minimum of about 600 words.

What type of documents can I send in to you?
We accept almost any type of document, but we prefer .doc or .rtf.

What type of picture files do you accept?
Try to send your screenshots in .jpg, .gif or .png.

How big should the screenshots and pictures be?

How do I take screenshots within the game?
In some games you can just press Print Scrn and it will send a solid shot the clipboard, then paste it in your favourite image-enhancement program (example Paint Shop Pro).

Older DOS games can be tricky to take screenshots of, we recommend the program Screen Thief.

Some Direct X games can also be hard to take good shots of, sometimes the colors gets messed up. There are several good screen capture utilities such as HyperSnap and SnagIt.

Do you have any deadlines?
On reviews it’s three weeks (after you have recieved a response from us).
On features and guides we can give deadlines on 5-7 weeks depending on the size of the text.

How long does it take for my content to be published?
From one day to about two weeks, it depends on our current workload.