Arsenal Extendend Power
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Saturday, 13 November 2004

Arsenal: Extended Power is set in a fictional world were several factions are fighting for control of the planet.

The first glitch arrives within seconds, why the hell are you playing this game? You know that there are factions at war, but why are they at war, where do the different groups come from? All these questions I think has to be answered in a game that you are selling.

The first thing you do in the game is to create your own character, already you notice the great menu system. Itís easy to navigate, logical and simple. You choose a name for your character you can also choose the language you want your unitís name in. Most languages are available; I tried with Swedish units since Iím a Swede. There are Swedish names alright however they are not that common, so the languages need some work but itís still a nice feature that is pretty rare.

Arsenal is a real time strategy game, there are zillions of RTS games out there but you can tell directly that this one stand out from the crowd, but does it stand out enough? You gather resources as in any other RTS game, here you mine iron ore and drill for oil using offshore rigs, not very original. However you canít just drill the oil but you have to refine it into petroleum, a nice detailed touch. An even nicer touch is that your vehicles need petroleum all the time, so you have to build tanker trucks that deliver to the units out in the field

The fighting units in Arsenal are heavily based on vehicles used in World War 2, you have the legendary Willyís Jeep, different types of tanks, the B29 bomber and so on. I actually like it when they base the units in RTS game on real vehicles in the real world. It feels more real than breeding some sort of creatures, however this view is my personal opinion.

The well-designed menu system continues within the game. It is possible to give different units different numbers so that you quickly can access them by either pressing the number on the keyboard or choose it using the mouse on the lower part of the screen.

There are several AI-levels in the game, and generally the AI is ok, nothing very special. The graphics in the game are also ok, however they are somewhat untidy and the details creates confusion more than they help. Controls are generally good, however this is the major mistake the developers have made in the game. After directing a group of units where to go they are automatically unselected by the game. This means that if I want them in another position I have to selected them again and do it all over again.

When enemies are approaching from every direction and you have to go through this process itís really annoying. Actually it creates so much discomfort that you start to take it out on the game. Something the developer want to point out is that the maps are huge within the game, and they are. However when scrolling you will eventually end up in your initial position, this can perhaps be convenient in some sort of way but really how small is the planet the war is taking place on?

In the demo version you are asked to buy the full game, there is even a direct link to do that. However it is not mentioned within the game how much the full version costs so you donít really know what you are getting yourself into.

Arsenal has some interesting functions not seen in other RTS games but they are not enough to make the game great. Donít get me wrong, the game is very detailed and extensive but there are too many glitches that influence the game play. This is not bad game and not a great one either, it ends up somewhere in between.


Developer: TacticalSoft
Website for game:N/A
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 95B/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: $25

Pentium 2 500 mhz 64mb RAM 8 mb Graphics Card
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 mhz, 384 mb RAM, Windows XP


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1. 16-02-2007 13:48
Try downloading the demo and purchase it from there, it should work according to  
the developer's website on: 
But you need a credit card or to send them a check. Hope it works out!
2. 16-02-2007 12:18
How ı buy this game on Turkey? 
Can you help me?
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