IronCode Software
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Tuesday, 02 August 2005
We took a chat with IronCode Software's Pallav Nawani about indie development and the PC-gaming market in India.

What games do you play apart from your own productions?

I like to play RPG, FPS and RTS games. I have played for example
Baldur's Gate 2, Serious Sam etc. I also like to try out
shareware/ freeware games, and some times I even recommend them to my
friends. Battle for Wesnoth and Super Tux are two Open Source games
that I really like. Choren 68k is another great but very hard space

Graphics don't matter much to me. I can play and enjoy games with
relatively simple graphics (like the CRPG crossfire). I have even
written a open source runner for text interactive fiction games. It is
called Rogue and is hosted on ifarchive.

What made you quit your day jobs and start developing computer games?

I have always wanted to make games, but I could never do it when I was
working with Sasken. Sometimes I had to work till 2PM in night, other
times I felt too exhausted to work on the game engine. When I realised
that I could make a living making games, I saved some money and jumped
into the fray. My brother had taken up residence in Bangalore with me
and we started to work on games, he doing the art, I doing the coding.

When developing Last Man Standing what were your main inspirations?

I wanted to make a fast paced game which always kept the player on his
toes. Of course, the inspiration for Last Man Standing came from the
game Battle City, which both of us (Me & my brother) used to play when
we were kids.

How do you see Ironcode Studios in five years?

In five years Ironcode should have released a few more games, hopefully
some of them doing well, and well enough that Ironcode would have grown
in terms of both manpower and profits. I would ultimately like to
change Ironcode from a two man shop into a Id software like company.

Being located in India, which is a hot market at the moment, how do
you imagine India's future gaming market?

India's future gaming market definitely looks bright. PC sales in India
grew 35% last year, and though overall PC sales in India are still very
low, that does give us an indication of how fast the market is growing.
The consumption of indie games is another story however. Indians are
still not buying those and I believe the biggest reason is that they
don't know that such games exist!

Do you believe that best selling games in Europe and the US will sell
equally well in India, or are there differences in what the market

Most of the times, yes. Hype sells everywhere, including India.
However, Indians do like racing games a lot, and seem to
not like overly complex simulation games (like aircraft simulators).
Would you believe it, Road Rash still sells in India! At least it used
to, the last time I looked.

I also think that Indie games have a very strong chance of being
successful in India, if somehow such games could reach the people. I
find that lot of people are willing to try (and have fun with) simple
games like Jardinains and these people would be scared by complexity of
playing a FPS! wish Pallav and IronCode Software good luck on future games.