Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
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Friday, 05 November 2004

Warcraft 2 released in 1995 by Blizzard is a true classic in the PC gaming history. I haven’t heard of a single PC gaming junkie that hasn’t played this game. For the second time Orcs and Humans are at war for the country of Azeroth.  

You can either follow the grim Orc campaign or the little bit friendlier Human campaign. If you get tired of playing against the computer start a multiplayer game with your LAN partners, more about this later on in this review.


Basically Warcraft 2 works like any other RTS game, that is you gather resources, build units and attack your opponent.  The resources that matter in the game are lumber, gold and oil. Lumber is perhaps most easy to find as you can chop down any tree you like. After a while in the game gold and oil is subject to intense battles, the computer AI usually tries to block oil and gold resources so a lot of effort goes into defending resources and attacking the enemy’s resources. 


Warcraft 2’s strength is definitely the units and environments. Many of the units in the game seem to be taken straight from the JRR Tolkien trilogy. The Orc units are really nicely modelled and scare the crap out of me (maybe I’m exaggerating but they are truly scary).


One might argue that the Human units weren’t done with the same creativity and style, but they are still a mean bunch. My absolute favourite units are the knights and the battleships. The knights are noble chaps who doesn’t take no for an answer.  Battleships are ideal for securing sea passages and resources, the mean looking metal plating on them just adds to the fun.


Sounds and music in the game isn’t that advanced. But I guess a lot of people would recognize the soundtrack (in fact Blizzard should release it on a CD, if they haven’t already). The soundtrack isn’t a great musical piece like Enya or Mozart, but it kind of gets stuck in your mind.


The game is great in multiplayer, there are several good maps, many of the with the resources in the middle causing early battles. A level editor comes with the game so that you can create your own maps, the editor is very user friendly.


Warcraft 2 actually has a little troublesome problem. In 1995 no one would have noticed but when comparing it to present RTS games you notice that there is no building queue function when building units. Sure you can bare clicking on the unit icon once in a while, but building whole armies is a business opportunity for your chiropractor.


Playing Warcraft 2 is a breeze, time flies and you could easily spend months on this game. By playing you notice that a lot of effort has been put into the game and in the gaming industry effort equals quality and a long life span of the game. This game doesn’t get old, it’s a loveable game and everyone interested in PC gaming should have played it. 


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Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Website for game: http://www.blizzard.com/war2bne/

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

O/S: DOS / Win 95/98/XP

Cost of Full Game: $8.99 Click Here To Buy



486 33 mhz 8mb RAM, SVGA Graphics Card, CD-Rom Drive

Tested on:

Pentium III Mobile 850 mhz, 384 mb RAM, Windows XP



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