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User Rating: / 14
Written by Shigamoto   
Friday, 28 January 2005

In Doom II: Hell On Earth the evil forces of netherworld takes over Earth. The player has to literally go to hell and save our beloved planet.



When you first start playing Doom II you notice that the graphics hasn’t change much. It’s probably one of a few sequels that have exactly the same graphics as the predecessor.

In the gaming industry of today it would be impossible to release a sequel that graphically looks the same as the predecessor. However Doom II features a lot of other nice things that should have been in Doom.


As you are making your way through the levels you notice that they have changed dramatically. Sure they are still claustrophobic at times but they have gotten more dynamic and bigger. ID Software really added more open spaces and more things to look at and explore.


The enemies have gotten scarier. Sure you still got the former humans, imps and demons. But now you also have the Archanotron, which is a really disgusting and scary spider like cyborg. The Archanotron has metal legs and a plasma gun.


Another enemy that will definitely get your attention is the Barons of Hell. Which is about four meters high, angry and wants to hit you hard.


ID Software also managed to add a whole lot of new powerups and artefacts. For example you will enter a lot of areas with radiation during the game. At your service is the radiation suit, it doesn’t last all day long but still a nice complement.

You also have Light Amplification Visors, which allows you to see in pitch dark, and backpacks, which changed the amount of ammo, you can carry.  A new soundtrack for the game were made, it’s quite like the Doom soundtrack but with a little more quality.


If you ever wanted to play Doom in multiplayer now you can. The developers added so that you can play Doom II over LAN or Modem. Actually it’s quite fun and is very much like playing any other FPS in multiplayer.


All the new additions in Doom II really make the game more dynamic than the first game. However some basic movement is not there yet, for example you can’t jump or duck. There is no real need too but for some more reality it would have been a nice touch.


You will find yourself in front of Doom II for a long time, from the first level to the very last. This is how Doom should have been from the beginning.


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Developer: ID Software
Website for Game:
Related Websites: Doom 2 Secrets List and PlanetDoom
Publisher: GT Interactive
Cost of Full Game: N/A

Year of Release: 1994

486/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM.
Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card



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