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Paradoxion Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Shigamoto   
Tuesday, 11 January 2005
Puzzle games are very popular among independent developers these days, and here is another one from VSBgames.




Paradoxion is a space inspired puzzle game that is the backgrounds are planets, nebulas and stars. The game is all about moving around orbs and gems, basically little red, green and blue dots. If you place a couple of dots in a row it will ignite a blast causing the dots to disappear.


The blast also causes nearby dots to shift or disappear. Pretty simple but I havenít seen this kind of puzzle before on a computer. Also itís explained very well in the manual, so the game isnít hard at all to get started with.


As you play you will receive tips on how to solve the puzzle. Itís pretty good since it isnít that obvious at times how the puzzle should be solved. However some hardcore puzzle gamers might dislike the tips, fortunately for them they are optional.


If you really canít solve the levels you can go online and get walkthroughs, which is a nice feature that I have not come across before.


I really fancy the music in this game. Itís very relaxing and if you are a stressed man like me you would want the whole soundtrack on CD. The music makes the whole game a quite relaxing experience and thatís not very common in puzzle games.


Unfortunately Paradoxion lacks a story. There is no real background on why you are solving the puzzles. Some people might say that it isnít needed in a game like this, and thatís correct to some extent. However to be a top notch game a story is something that should be included.


The game also lasts long with 90 different levels and three different environments. The environments arenít much to brag about, they are simply larger fields with more different gems and dots. The environments also vary in how complicated they are the more gems the more complicated the environment is.


Paradoxion is a neat relaxing puzzle game, it might be a little bit expensive but you will have loads of fun and it will last long. Sort of like buying an expensive car, you know that it will last.


Developer: VSBgames
Website for game:

Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: $24.95


Pentium 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 8 MB Graphics Memory, DirectX 8.0

Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card



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