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User Rating: / 3
Written by Shigamoto   
Thursday, 06 January 2005

Who would think that designing and managing a golf course could be a successful computer game? Sim Golf is one of those few games that are different from the never ending stream of games released every month. This game hit the shelves in 2001 but can already be considered a classic.


The game is a nice mixture of managing, designing and playing golf courses. You start out with a small piece of land build a couple of holes and your journey towards a global golf empire begins. Designing a hole is not that difficult in easy mode but in the more difficult modes it can be quite a challenge.

During the design you can choose where to put hazard such as bunkers, rough, evil streams and so on. The player can watch the golfers playing the course, after they have finished playing each hole they tell you what they thought of the hole. This creates another dimension different from other strategy games, here you get feedback all the way from golfers.

The golfers do more than that, they talk during the game and after a while several stories will evolve around the golfers playing the course. These stories can be anything from someone getting a job to somebody falling in love. This element of the game is pretty nice in the beginning but it can get annoying after a while.

Sometimes celebrities come to golf on your course. These celebrities can donate scenic landmarks or they can give you more money or land, if the like your course that is. The landmarks makes the golfers happy and after a while of playing there are several landmarks to choose from.

You can also add several buildings to your course, such as hotels, residential houses, restaurants and much more. These buildings are usually well designed but some of them are large and takes up a lot of land. Usually you have to do a trade off between designing more holes or constructing the buildings.

After a while your first golf course will grow with perhaps even an airport. You will have enough money to expand your business somewhere else. Setting up another course in another part of the world will get you through the same process as before but the scenery will be a bit different depending on which part of the world you choose.

Another part of the game is the playing. This is done from the same isometric perspective as you see the game, you can do different shots with your character (which is named by default as Gary Golf you can however customise your golfer). After a while your character will gain in experience and you can start winning tournaments with him or her. When you win a tournament you will bring in more money to your operations.

I thought that I wouldn’t like this game since I’m not a big fan of golf. But this game is simply put, great. Everything is well designed, it’s close and personal and the frontiers you can reach within the game is many. The fact that the game is different every time you play it is a great thing too.

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Developer: Firaxis Games
Website for game:
Publisher: EA Games
O/S: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Cost of Full Game: $9.99, Click Here To Buy
Year of Release: 2001

Pentium 2 300 mhz, 64 mb RAM, 8 mb Graphics Memory
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 mhz, 384 mb RAM, Windows XP


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