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Written by Shigamoto   
Wednesday, 05 January 2005

This five-year-old game is one of many about the United States Air Force. Obviously you are a pilot for the Air Force. During the game you will perform escort, attack, recon and many other types of missions. Maybe the most interesting one is the Highjacked plane you are to escort and protect.

<PThere are four complete campaigns in the game, The Gulf War, The Vietnam War, a scenario campaign in the Las Vegas desert and an imaginative future war between Russia and NATO. Overall the campaigns are of superb quality and they will keep you occupied for days, even weeks.

There are certain flight simulators that focus on only one jet but this one has several both old and recent. The fighter jets you can fly in the game is pretty much standard, but there is still a great deal of diversity. For example you can fly the old Phantom planes from the Vietnam War, which is a bit historic, however there are no carrier based planes included in the game, so no F-14s or F-18s.

Overall the planes are modelled great; there are two different cockpits a normal one and a 3D cockpit. The 3D one is a bit hard to get comfortable in, I don

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