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User Rating: / 3
Written by Shigamoto   
Sunday, 02 January 2005

You are being transported on a prison ship in deep space. Something happens on the ship and it crash land on a planet in a distant solar system.


Unreal is really creeping during the first level of the game, which I think is one of the better. The ship has just crashed and you can hear distant screams of help from the crew and other prisoners that are being attacked. It will take a while before you run into your first monster, but before that you will be scared, guaranteed.


The first level reminds me of one of those horror movies that don’t show any monsters and you don’t know what the evil looks like. So how’s Unreal besides the first level?


When the game was released there was much talk about the graphics. They still look great but back in 1998(?) they were stunning. The graphics even smacked the boys at ID Software off their chairs. The lighting effects are really great and the models are really nice.


What I might think is disappointing is that much of the game is pitch dark, or nearly. I would have wanted some more diverse scenery, not just black corridors. Sure some maps have a bit of diversity, but they after a while they maps go pitch black in an orderly fashion.


Unreal features a lot of weapons. The evil alien monsters have their own arsenal, which you will explore and get familiar with during the game. There are also regular human weapons like shotguns, pistols and the average pulse gun that shoots off some blue stuff.


Each gun has alternative firing modes. Unreal was actually one of the first game featuring this, today it’s pretty much standard in any bearable action game. The alternative firing modes aren’t really that exiting, they are just there as a nice feature so that the player doesn’t grow too bored.


If you play the game you notice that Epic tried to aim Unreal towards the adventure sector of the industry. The Quake series have more action but Unreal have more puzzles to solve and less shooting. Sure there is enough fire fights to satisfy most action gamers but still the game is really about finding switches and stuff like that.


The monsters in Unreal are many. Some of them are terrifying but after a while they seem like any other regular enemy. However the enemies are really nicely done and you can really notice that the artists have put in a lot of effort making them at least somewhat scary.


As you make your way through the levels (there is actually a flashlight in the game to help you see at times) the tunes of a great soundtrack is streaming out your speakers. The soundtrack is pretty much heavy metal, but great heavy metal, and it’s also very appropriate in a game like this.


Overall Unreal was a pioneer when it was released featuring stunning graphics and alternative firing modes among other things. However the action element of the game could have been better done, you never feel that you are a in a real an adrenaline pumping fire fight. It’s still a decent action game with some adventure elements involved.


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Developer: Epic Megagames
Website for game:

Publisher: GT Interactive

O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP

Cost of Full Game:  From $1.49, Click Here To Buy

MAC Version: $18.99, Click Here To Buy




Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 MHz, 384 MB RAM, Windows XP


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