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User Rating: / 43
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Thursday, 09 December 2004

This means that you can run it with Windows XP without any problems. In SimTower your task is to build and manage a big skyscraper and eventually to reach a five star skyscraper. Of course this is by no means easy and you have to start from scratch with the first floor and then work your way up.


In the beginning of the game you can place offices, condominiums and coffee shops on the floors. It is recommended to place the offices and coffee shops near the lobby since the generally like it better there.

After a while you will gain stars as your population grows. New stars means more things that you can place on your floors, for example, restaurants, medical centers, shops, cinemas, recycling centers, parking lots (in the basement) and so on. To connect your floors you generally use elevators, there are several types of elevators.

Express elevators, ordinary elevators, service elevators and a couple of others. You can also use escalators and stairs to connect floors, for some odd and stupid reason there is a limitation on how many stairs and escalators you can build. This might be memory related or some sort of odd balancing within the game. I’m not a fan of limitations in game, however this is a small limitation.

After a while thousands of people use your elevators, and then you will probably have to come up with some sort of strategy on which floors the elevators should stop on so that they don’t get overcrowded. This will eventually lead to that people are more stressed and this will affect your rating. The rating and evaluation by the people living in your tower is something you constantly need to monitor, they change their minds quickly and when they do they move.

Here is some lack of detail though, inhabitants complain about that conditions are terrible but they fail to inform you in what way. This leads to that you don’t really know what measures that have to be taken to improve their conditions. During the development of your tower you will get VIP guests to your hotel rooms. You also need security since you will receive threats from terrorists that have placed a bomb in your building.

There is always something going on in the tower. However in the beginning of the game you just have to get yourself through a couple of hell years before the real power of the game comes to you. SimTower is definitely a game you get stuck in, I love it despite the flaws within the game.

Why do I like it then? The personal view of all your inhabitants living their lives, going to the office, going home, or security searching for a bomb. All these things enhance the gaming experience a lot.

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Developer: Maxis
Website for game: N/A
Publisher: Maxis
O/S: Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/XP, Mac OS
Cost of Full Game: $14.99 (Together with SimIsle), Click Here To Buy

386, 33 mhz, 4 mb RAM, 2x CD-Rom
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 mhz, 384 mb RAM, Windows XP

Comments (5)
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1. 23-07-2007 16:16
search sim tower download on google and all the ones availibable for download work on xp well they do for me anyways
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2. 28-05-2007 11:06
Looking for sim tower game
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3. 14-04-2007 18:10
i think i might try the gameboy advance game since i actually have one of those...
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4. 11-04-2007 17:38
Well there is a newer version for GameBoy Advanced called "The Tower", it's essentially the same thing. There was also a version called "Yoot Tower" released in 1999 for PC, don't know if it works on newer systems though. 
A remake of Sim Tower for modern PCs would be welcome.
5. 10-04-2007 23:57
is there a new version of sim tower? I love the game and I would really love to play it but my computers are too new to run it.
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