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User Rating: / 6
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Wednesday, 01 December 2004

Hidden&Dangerous is one of those games that you never forget. Itís based on World War 2 and you are in a SAS (Special Air Service) commando team performing very delicate and challenging tasks during the war.


This game was first released in 2002 but has now been released as freeware by the developers. The about 250 MB download is not that much for a game as great as this one.

The missions in H&D are very challenging and vary greatly. The first one where you take over a bridge is actually quite hard but after a while you will probably crack it. In other missions you will rescue downed pilots go on advanced recon missions and so on.

Before going out on a mission you can select which men you want to play with and their equipment. The equipment is authentic gear that the SAS used during the war, this means the classic submachine guns and heavy rifles. You can also use bazookas, pistols there is even a camera for the recon missions.

When inside the game you can view it from two different views. Third person from behind or first person. The Third person perspective is recommended but things can become very tricky since the camera sometimes decides to live a life of its own. You can however center the view again but if you are in a firefight this is quite hard to actually do. The cameras could have been programmed better.

The Germans are not dumb but no Einsteinís either. They have a tendency of running after you if they see you; this means that itís fairly easy to lure them into traps. On several missions there are also German units who follow a special patrol route, these are not as easy to lure with you but somehow they lack in performance as well. However the game is very challenging since the enemy position themselves very good and if you are hit by one shot in a bad spot you are toast.

The graphics in the game is good, they are not stunning but very detailed and they really show the feeling of World War 2. The uniforms, vehicles, buildings and so on just give you the feeling of Saving Private Ryan or something.

In H&D there are several vehicles, the player can use all vehicles, which is a nice feature. You can enter a tank and fire it, fire an artillery cannon or drive a truck, very nice indeed. What makes this game so challenging is that your SAS team has to cooperate or else you will probably loose or at least get heavy casualties.

This means that you have to position them so that they cover each other in all directs, you need to do some planning before the missions to come up with the best spots for cover and best spots to retreat to. The planning you have to do resembles the planning the SAS and other special forces do in the real world.

From my point of view this game is great, itís challenging and you really have to think before you do something. I wish that the cameras could have been done better but this game is still fun and now itís even free.



Developer: Illusion Softworks (Former Talonsoft)
Website for game:
Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
O/S: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Cost of Full Game: Released as freeware, download at Voodoo Extreme or just search for it on Google or Yahoo.

Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, 256 mb RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card, Windows XP

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