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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 November 2004

We have finally finished our development of the new website. It's been a couple of intense months but much of the site is now up and running. Our reviews of alternative games are going to increase significantly. Currently we are uploading our archives of reviews and other content, this might take a while. We are also adding new content frequently.

A new feature on the site is "The Column" section, which is the section you are in now. I will write a column frequently about different happenings in the PC gaming industry. I'll also try to explain what's going on at, so if you are interested of the development process of a website you might want to check back here often.

I have a ton of press releases in my inbox from different game developers, I'm delighted to have them and most of your games will be reviewed within the next couple of months. It has taken me by some surprise how many press releases I get, so the interest seems to be high for

Still we are going to need advertisers to keep this boat a float in the long run. Already some have expressed interest, and that's also nice. I'm not intending to fill he whole site with commercial material, I believe in keeping a good balance between content and ads.

This is pretty much what's going on right now, so be sure to check back often to keep up to date.
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