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User Rating: / 12
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Wednesday, 17 November 2004
If Dune 2 were the founder of the RTS-games Command&Conquer made it known to the public. In Command&Conquer an evil brotherhood called NOD led by a man called Kane are making efforts to take over the world. This can’t be accepted and the GDI (sort of like NATO, short for Global Defense Initiative) summon their troops.


C&C made the shelves in 1995, the story line shown with small video feeds between each mission took the
gaming world by storm. For the first time real actors had been called in for the cut scenes, also the 3D-renderings in the scenes looked real.

The GDI campaign was set in Europe and the NOD one in Africa. The fact that real countries were involved in the missions made the game a bit special, and certainly more interesting.

The units in C&C were very well thought out. The orcas with their special futuristic design, the stealth tanks, which enabled sophisticated ambushes to be made and maybe the favorite of them all, the mammoth tank. The mammoth tank is equipped with two high powered cannons and is truly something special.

The original version of C&C is DOS based something we noticed when trying to install the game. We couldn’t get the installation program to run under Windows XP, which wasn’t that surprising since most old games doesn’t. However the game runs fine under Windows 98 and with the Gold Edition it would probably run under Win XP as well.

The soundtrack in C&C deserves some credit; it’s simply fantastic. There are a number of different tracks and you seem to never get tired of them. Another thing that was ground breaking with C&C was the multiplayer system. The system was very sophisticated and created a community of eager network players around the world. If you own a copy of the game you can enjoy multiplayer games using serial/modem or a network.

Another thing that quickly gained speed were the number of maps and missions made by players from around the world. There was a flood of different unofficial expansion packs, many of them quite entertaining. The only official expansion pack, Covert Operations, came in 1996.

It featured 15 new single player missions, 10 new multiplayer maps and some new music. The expansion pack kept the game a live a bit longer. In 1997 Westwood released Command&Conquer Sole Survivor, this were a stand-alone game and purely multiplayer. In the game you controlled a certain unit against other players, the player left alone on the battlefield won.

C&C Sole Survivor were based on the original C&C engine and were graphically very similar to the original. The game was not received well by the press when it was released. The last release of the original Command&Conquer were the Gold Edition in 1997. The edition featured Internet play, SVGA graphics, full Windows 95 compatibility and some desktop themes.

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Developer: Westwood
Website for game: Planet Command&Conquer
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
O/S: DOS 5.0 Win 3.1/95/98
Cost of Full Game: About $34, Click Here To Buy

486 33 mhz 8 mb RAM
Tested on:
Pentium II 333 mhz 64 mb RAM Windows 98


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