Monday, 19 February 2018
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Super Tour 3 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 November 2004
Super Tour 3 is something very rare as an computer sports game based on pro-bicycling. Being a bicyclist myself I have been on the look out for a good bicycling game for a long time just to see if it is possible to get the feeling of cycle racing into the computer.

In Super Tour 3 you can either play a personalized race or a whole season with lots of races. The player can also choose to play as an individual bicyclist or as a team. When playing individually this game is great, you can use almost the same tactics as are used in the real world cycling. For example you have to stay sharp if you are in the main group so that you can spot breakaways. Breakaways by other computer players come from time to time as in real life the breakaways are rarely successful.

In the races there are three different stages; time trial, mountain stages and flat stages. Personally I have always hated time trials and they are actually as boring in the game as they are in real cycling. The mountain stages are great though.

The graphics in the game are average. There are some peoples (made as sprites) stationed around the road, cheering, however where is the sound of cheering people? The bicyclist is modeled ok and so are your computer opponents. However all the bicyclist have the same white bike at least the bikes could have been in different colors.

When playing as a whole team this game turns into a good bicycling management simulator. You can give your bicyclists orders on what to do, buy and sell cyclists and so on. A bit disappointing is that you can purchase different bikes and equipment and also that there is no handling of sponsorships.

The races are very nice however very time consuming since, expect a couple of hours if you don’t accelerate the time. Also usually in real bike races there are a pack of motorcycles, team cars and referee cars constantly around the cyclists, they are no where to be seen here.

This game is freeware and is actually damn good to be freeware. However there are several smaller problems, for example the lack of sounds from the people and other cyclists. I can’t give this game a very high grade since it the game would probably only be interesting to fans of the sport, but it is still a great game if you are into cycling.

”” ””

Developer: Miguel Angel Haza Baena
Website for game: N/A
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: Freeware

Pentium, Direct X
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 mhz, 384 mb RAM, Windows XP



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