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Sonic Megamix Print E-mail
User Rating: / 61
Written by Angelo M. D'Argenio   
Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Sega Genesis was a magnificent console during its time in the spotlight, and its games still remain iconic in the minds of gamers everywhere.  Of course if you can think of one game that said SEGA in the loud yelling voice that frequented Sega’s TV advertisements, it was good old Sonic the Hedgehog.


Sonic was a mascot in the most pure definition of the word, and his fan battles with Mario ushered in the first console wars.  Sonic was the rude crude hedgehog with an attitude that all the cool kids worshiped.  He was a real detachment from gaming convention.  Whereas other platformers were slow and methodical, Sonic blew through levels with his “hold right and pray” speedster style gameplay.  While other characters died when they were hit once, or twice, or even 10 times, Sonic was effectively immortal as long as you could keep picking up scattered rings.  Now in a world with hedgehogs with telekinetic abilities, rabbits with pet chaos’s.., and a villain who’s name completely and inexplicably changed from Ivo Robotnik, to Eggman, few gamers remember Sonics original break neck avoid the spikes holy crap I can’t breathe under water gameplay. 

But one group of gamers does, and that group is Team Megamix, the creator of the new independent game Sonic: Megamix.  These intrepid hackers and performers took the original Sonic 1 and gave it a gigantic makeover, turning it into something so much more than the original Sonic ever was.

The first thing you might notice in Sonic Megamix is that all the stages are different.  This isn’t your grandma’s modification, all the stages are new, and perfectly operational, not a glitch in sight.  The basic graphics templates and backgrounds have also changed, giving each stage its own unique look.  Each stage, and each act in a stage has its own unique music now, as does each boss fight, a change from the repetitive music that Sonic 1 originally had.  The special stages (where you get your precious chaos emeralds) have also been changed, and have received a similar graphical and musical facelift as well. The powerups from all the previous Sonic games return as well, including all three elemental shields, the normal “power” shield, quick shoes, invincibility, and a special S monitor which immediately gives you fifty rings and puts you into “super” mode, something that normally can only be reached by gaining all of the chaos emeralds.  Eggman monitors also return, and busting them will count as getting hit by an enemy so look out!

The stages themselves in Sonic Megamix are a bit harder than the stages in Sonic 1, but that’s ok because Sonic himself comes decked out with a whole host of new abilities.  For one, his top speed has increased.  Whereas in the original Sonic 1, Sonic would eventually be moving his feet in a blurry circle underneath him at top speed, in Sonic Megamix, Sonic’s feet become this rapid moving figure eight as he takes off in the approved arms back ninja’s go faster anime style, sometimes too fast for the camera to keep up!  In addition, many of you retro gamers may remember that he did not have access to his patented “Spin Dash” technique in the original Sonic 1.  Well there’s no need to worry because in Sonic Megamix, can spin dash all he likes.  In addition, he has a different type of speed charge as well, that causes him to run in place and take off MUCH faster than a spin dash would allow him to, without the protection of his ball like state.

That’s not the only new ability Sonic has picked up.  Pressing the jump button while in mid-air allows sonic to mid-air dash.  When near an enemy, this mid-air dash becomes his signature Homing Attack from his series of 3d games, rocketing toward the nearest enemy to destroy it.  The homing attack can be used much like it can be used in the 3d games as well, to traverse major gaps, and rocket yourself along the stage at speeds not normally runnable.  Also coming in from the Sonic 3d adventures, the Light speed dash.  Pressing the “action” button near a line of rings will rocket sonic along the line at his maximum speed.  This allows sonic to reach exclusive areas and paths that other characters cannot reach.

Wait… other characters?  Yes that’s right, Sonic isn’t the only speedster in Sonic Megamix.  He is joined by his friend Mighty the Armadillo, and notorious anti-hero Shadow the Hedgehog.  Each character has their own abilities that allow them to get through stages in different ways.  Mighty has the peculiar ability to store shields in an inventory and switch them at will.  This comes in handy as he is the only character in the game that can essentially equip more than one shield at a time.  He is also the only character that has access to the Sonic 3 shield powers, such as the fire dash, lightning jump, and bubble bounce.  He can also switch to whatever shield fits the situations, such as the fire shield to walk on lava, or the water shield to breathe underwater on those pesky water stages.  Overall, he is a versatile character that plays a lot like Sonic’s Sonic 3 incarnation, with a few twists.

Shadow on the other hand has his own abilities to speak of.  He has the homing attack, similar to sonic, but instead of a Mid-Air dash, his default double jump action is just that, a double jump that allows him to reach heights other characters cannot.  He also has the ability to cash in 5 rings for an immediate and instant boost to top speed, no charging required. 

Each character also has a different “super” mode accessed either with a super monitor or by pressing B and C together while having 50 rings and all the emeralds.  Super sonic can fly, and can midair dash in any direction rather than just forward.  Super Mighty has access to all his shield powers at once, and they don’t turn off when he is hit.  Super shadow can short range teleport to basically remain always at top speed.  He also can use “Chaos Blast” to destroy all enemies on screen.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Sonic Megamix is the sheer amount of options you have to fool around with.  Lets say you want to play the original Sonic 1 stages, instead of the megamix stages, well you can do that, and blow through them with your new abilities.  Don’t want new abilities?  Well you can change the control to classic Sonic 1 style in the options too!  Want a real challenge?  Play the megamix stages with classic control and see if you can beat them with no extra abilities!  If that wasn’t enough, there is an Extra hardcore mode accessible when the game is beaten.  This mode increases the amount of S monitors and allows you to go super without all the emeralds, but limits you to one life and one life only!  Not only this, but you can limit your top speed, change the lethality of spikes, and even change how the camera operates, allowing you to make EXACTLY the game you want!

If you liked ANY of the original side scrolling Sonic the Hedgehog games, then give Sonic Megamix a try.  It’s a lovely little bit of nostalgia with a twist that just about any sonic fan will love.  Also the amount of characters, stages, and game modes will keep just about everyone coming back for more, skyrocketing the replay value through the roof.  This game is PROOF that some games will always withstand the test of time.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
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Developer: Sonic Retro/Team Megamix
Website for Game:
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Sega Genesis Emulator (GENS)
Where to get: Click here to download!
Year of Release: 2007

Tested on:
Score 8

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