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User Rating: / 2
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 15 November 2004
Welcome to the world of Shapers, Geneforge 2 that is. A shaper is a person gifted with the ability to create life, using magic. It's hard to become a shaper, but after years of efforts your character has finally managed to get into training.

This is where Geneforge 2 starts. The game is pretty much like any other RPG except that you can create your own creatures using magic spells. The player can choose between being a shaper, guardian or an agent.

A shaper has to count on its ability to create creatures and using magic. The guardians are the protectors of the shapers (the muscle if you will) and the agents are stealthy figures, which is sent to far away lands to take care of problems. The names of the different characters aren't that mind sweeping, but I guess they do the job.

The graphics in Geneforge 2 isn't that bad, however I wish that the environment were better done. The surroundings are so important in games, especially in RPGs and yet developers tend to forget about them.

For example the houses are just four walls with the roof transparent, sort of boring if you ask me. Overall the surroundings are to boring, It might be the colors that's to faint in combination with bad 2D modeling.

However the characters are fairly well done and they look as good as in any other RPG. One important difference between Geneforge 2 and other RPGs are the fact that you can create your own creatures. This is an element that hasn’t been tested that much in other games and I definitely like the concept of it.

What I miss in Geneforge 2 is some music, it would be nice with some tunes when running around in the landscape and I definitely think that it would lift the game. The story is good, the dialogues are fairly good, but it all falls on the 2D tiling of the landscape. You get the feeling of that you are playing a computer game, the worst feeling you can get when playing a computer game.

”” ””

Developer: Spiderweb Software
O/S: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Cost of Full Game: $25.00

Tested on:
333 mhz CPU, 64 mb ram, 32 mb Geforce 2, Windows 98


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