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Super Metroid Redesign Print E-mail
User Rating: / 41
Written by Angelo M. D'Argenio   
Wednesday, 13 June 2007

If any of you have ever owned a Nintendo system, you’ve probably heard about the Metroid series, and if you owned a Super Nintendo in particular, then you may have been lucky enough to own Super Metroid.  One of the highest rated and most popular games of its time, Super Metroid is widely regarded as the best Metroid, or at least the best 2d Metroid that has ever been released.  However, for some gamers, that just wasn’t enough.  They wanted more.


Enter Super Metroid Redesign.  This simply named third party production takes Super Metroid and turns it into so much more. Ultra Metroid, Mega Metroid, or Super Duper Metroid, whatever cheesy title you want to give it, Super Metroid Redesign expands Super Metroid to a whole new level. Super Metroid Redesign retells the original Super Metroid story in a world with new levels, new enemies, new items and power ups, lengthening the game by hours, and providing an entirely new play experience.

The gameplay it of Super Metroid redesign is ripped directly from the original Super Metroid, however, there are some key differences.  For one, the physics engine of the entire game has been changed.  Samus falls much faster, and floats much less, making her jumps cover a bit less length.  She also jumps a lot lower in height as well, keeping her movement a bit more confined.  The upsides to this?  Samus’s movement is now much faster than it originally was, allowing her to turn on a dime, rather than skid and wait to about face.  Also, wall jumping (her ability to kick off walls to gain height) has now been made easier, giving the player a much larger window of time to perform the needed button combination.

This physics engine overhaul improves the gameplay of Metroid Redesign quite a bit.  The original physics made Samus feel unwieldy with how floaty she was.  This engine increases her handling, allowing her to maneuver in dangerous situations much more effectively.  The wall jump overhaul is also good, as a good portion of the game now focuses on that ability.  In the original Super Metroid, wall jumping was superfluous and you could pretty much get through the whole game without ever using it.  In Super Metroid Redesign, you will be using the wall jump extensively to get to new areas, and without mastering it hope of beating this game drops close to zero.  Don’t get comfortable though, because unlike in Super Metroid, the wall jump ability now has to be earned like all of her other upgrades.

This is the theme that the game was based on, interesting combinations and maneuvers that players routinely used in the original but didn’t have to.  Samus retains all of her old abilities, bombs, beams, morph ball, and whatnot, but this game will have you morphing in mid air to bomb a block you can’t get to in any other way or wall jumping before morphing to let your momentum carry you into a tiny tunnel.  It’s a bit frustrating when you first start, but entirely worth it, and it will keep you playing until the very end.

The sound and graphics are not much to speak about, only due the fact that they were ripped from the original Super Metroid.  This is not to say they are bad so to speak.  In fact the graphics were some of the best for their time when Super Metroid first came out.  The sound has that distinct Metroid feel, giving a creepy vibe to your solitary exploration of a desolate alien planet.  Truth be told, gameplay was the only thing focused on in this game and that’s perfectly ok.

Super Metroid Redesign will keep you playing for hours and this is a good thing.  Whereas the original Super Metroid could be beaten in about two hours, this game will have you playing close to 12 or above.  If you are a die hard Metroid fan, by all means download it.  This game is just what you have been looking for.  Otherwise, the best I can tell you is give it a shot.  Without the original as a reference, this game is nothing more than a really hard 2d side scroller, so if you are new to the series, play the original first.  Regardless, the game is extremely well done, and is something everyone should experience.  It lets you see Samus, the same old space bounty hunter in a whole new light.

”Screenshot ”Screenshot ”Screenshot
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Developer: Drewseph
Website for Game: N/A
Publisher: N/A
O/S: SNES ROM (Use ZNES or other Emulator)
Where to get:
Download here!
Year of Release:N/A

Tested on:
Intel Core2Duo 1,86 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Windows Vista


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