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Games of Windows Vista Print E-mail
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Saturday, 24 March 2007

Windows has never been famous for its vast array of games included. Windows Vista is no exception, but the new version of Vista does have the best selection so far. Uziana.com takes you through them.

Vista Logo

Chess Titans
Finally Microsoft released a Windows version with a chess game, Chess Titans. The game was developed by Oberon Games.  At first Chess Titans appears to be a no frills affair, but once you dig into the options menu it becomes apparent that it is more than basic.
The game features several difficulty levels (1-10), different graphics levels and so on. Chess Titans has pretty good AI and the computer comes up with some really cunning moves, even at the lower difficulty levels. If you grow tired of playing against the machine the game features a hot seat mode, where you can play against a friend.

Watching Chess Titans is almost more fun than playing it though. The game is really pretty, with a 3D glass view; it fits the rest of Windows Aero quite well. Although the Chessmaster series probably beats Chess Titans hands down the game still offers a solid chess experience without any additional programs.

Chess Titans

InkBall is the underdog in the Windows Vista games suite.  Here you have to guide two or more marbles into a hole matching the color of the marble. To do so you need to draw lines with the mouse (or pen if you use a tablet PC).  The game has different difficulty levels, which adds more obstacles and marbles. InkBall is a fairly simple creation but loads of fun.


Mahjong Titans
Microsoft included a Mahjong Game with Windows Vista. Mahjong Titans is also developed by Oberon Games. The game is a straightforward no-frills Mahjong game, it is possible to change the appearance of the game and the tiles to suit your needs. There are four different tiles and five different backgrounds. Mahjong Titans has nice graphics but will not throw you off your chair in surprise, basic and fun if you like Mahjong.

Minesweeper is probably the oldest game in the Windows family, we first saw it in Windows 3.1 and to be quite frank the changes in Windows Vista is nominal. Some sounds were added and the graphics are beefed up, other than that no changes has been made. Still fun but we expected more.

First seen in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack back in the day, Microsoft ported it for Windows Vista. FreeCell is however a classic solitaire, and there are tons of versions online. The objective in FreeCell is to pile all 52 cards in the deck into four piles, sorted by suit. The piles should start with the aces.  Most people like the puzzle part of FreeCell and I do to, definitely a must have in any Windows distribution.


Another solitaire, in this game your objective is to always have the highest ranking card of the hand among three players. In the beginning of the game you pass three cards to the left that you do not want. The player with least points at the end of the game wins. The Windows Vista version of the game features different appearances and the ability to change your opponent’s names (for whatever reason).

Purble Place
This is a different puzzle game that we have not seen in any Windows distribution or Entertainment Pack before. In Purble Place your objective is to match cakes in a bakery. In each turn a customer will order a cake, you will see a picture of the cake in question and need to make a copy of it. It is a fairly simple game but might be fun and educational for kids.

Purble Place

Solitaire and Spider Solitaire
Solitaire is probably one of the oldest games for the Windows-series, just like Minesweeper it has been a part of Windows games since version 3.1. In Windows Vista the Solitaire game gives you no surprises, it is however possible to change appearances. Spider Solitaire is an enhanced version of the original game with broader stacks.


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