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Anacreon for Windows
Similar to the Masters of Orion-series with galactic conquest as your main goal.

Based on Sid Meier's Civilization with some additional enhancements.

Chaos Reborn
Fantasy strategy game in which you are a wizard.

Dark Oberon
A real time strategy game released under the GPL, very similar to Warcraft II but with better graphics.

Final Frontier Trader
Roam around in space trading while building an empire.

An open source project to develop a free version of Sid Meier’s beloved Colonization.

Hunt for Gold
Takes place in 17th century Caribbean, pirates included.

Navy Field
Online multiplayer game with naval battles based on World War 2.

Railroad Tycoon
Sid Meier's old classic is now released for free through FileShack, requires registration though.

Scorched 3D
Based on the DOS-game Scorched Earth, in the game you are involved in artillery duels.

Remake of the real time strategy game Total Annihilation, now using OpenGL.

UFO: Alien Invasion
Aliens have invaded earth and you have to flush them out, similar to the X-Com series.

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