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Tiny Cars 2 Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 14 November 2004
Tiny Cars 2 is based on the ever-lasting concept of driving a car from above. Of course this concept has laid the way for millions of hours of fun worldwide. The question is if it’s creative to make another game based on the concept.

In Tiny Cars 2 you drive around different tracks competing against three other opponents (usually computer controlled). Your task is to finish first, at all costs. To your help you have four items; oil slick, boosters and a shield.

The game play is usually really good in these kinds of games and Tiny Cars 2 is not an exception. The surroundings are very well done and you know how much I nag about the surroundings in games.

There are a series of cars available for the player in the registered version. In the shareware there are only two. The cars of course have different characteristics, some are faster but unstable and others are slow but steady.

Computer AI is also an important ingredient in a game. It usually works quite well and on difficulty level hard the game is very enjoyable. Sometimes the opponent cars get stuck in some sort of mysterious way, they usually come loose after a while, but this is definitely not good.

A cute part of the game is the graphics. The colors and the small cars are very cute, this creates a welcoming feeling every time you start the game. This part of the game makes it suitable for younger players.

The sole problem with the game is that this had clearly been done before. The same sort of game but with more features is for example Micro Machines. This is still a fun game though, not very original though.


Developer: Realore Studios
Website for game:
Publisher: N/A
O/S: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Cost of Full Game: $19.95
Year of Release: 2003

Pentium 166 MHzm, 16 MB RAM, 1 MB VRAM
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 MHz, 384 MB RAM, Windows XP


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