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Heroes of Might and Magic III Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Shigamoto   
Sunday, 11 September 2005 tries the third game in the successful Heroes of Might & Magic series. How’s the game compared to the rest of the pack?

The story is a pretty standard medieval one. Erathias king is murdered, he resurrects as an undead warlord who leads a ruthless invasion of his former Kingdom. His daughter comes back to Erathia to stop the invasion the stage is set.

At first glance you will notice that Heroes of Might & Magic III are almost identical to the previous versions. The developers have made some graphical improvements but the game play and concept is the same.

There are three modes in the game, the exploration mode, the city mode and the battle mode. In the exploration mode you move around the map, find treasures, attack armies and cities and just explores. When in your city you build armies, buildings and handle resources. After a while you will encounter the enemy, either just a small group of them or another players army, then the game goes in to battle mode.

The battle mode is the same as in the other series. As I see it using a battle system similar to RPGs instead of strategy games has both pros and cons. An advantage with the system is that it feels more personal, however it’s not very predictable. For example it’s hard to tell how many points you will loose in attack or how strong your opponent forces is.

A major problem with the game is that before each battle you can’t select if you want to fight or not. This means that sometimes you will face armies twice your size and be forced to loose, apparently they don’t have scouts in Erathia.

The difference of Heroes of Might and Magic III and the other games is that it contains much more units, spells and heroes. All these new units makes the game bigger, maybe as it should have been in the second installment.

I kind of like the soundtrack of the game, especially the battle music. However I think they could have invested in a few different tracks, not just three (one for each mode). It brings the game down a lot.

Heroes of Might and Magic III features some new environments. Now you can watch your capital being covered in snow or how about a city in the desert? Sure it’s not vital for the game to have different settings, but it sure makes it fun.

Overall the game is a worthy sequel to the successful series. Sure New World Computing didn’t try anything new, they kept to the old same concept and layout. The series could have evolved a bit more than this game. The game suits both fans of the series and a new audience wanting to play the game for the first time. But don’t expect anything revolutionary though.

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Developer: New World Computing, Inc
Website for Game: N/A
Publisher: 3D0
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: N/A
Year of Release: 1999

Pentium 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM
Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card, Windows XP

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