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Darius Gaiden Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Daniel Westerstal   
Monday, 05 September 2005
Aliens have taken over a planet and it’s your job to take it back in the Taito classic Darius Garden, we tried the PC version. The story isn’t getting any Pulitzers but what about the rest of the game?


Darius Gaiden were first released in 1994 for arcade machines and in 1996 it came for the Sega Saturn. PC users had to wait until 1999 to finally be able to play the game, a game that was directly ported from the original version.

So the graphics and design remains as in all the previous versions. I think it’s good that they port arcade classics to the PC, but when they do it would be great if they took advantage of the PCs hardware and performance.

Overall the graphics are certainly good but let’s face it even in 1999 sprites were on the way out. However for those of you who like the nostalgic feel this game certainly has it. The artwork itself is a whole other issue; most of it is really nice, though some stuff happens too fast for you to grasp it.

The game play is what makes this game so good. You control a ship and simply shoots at enemies approaching, everything is in 2D. Darius Gaiden resembles G-Type, and there are a number of other similar games out there.

A novice player might get frustrated in the beginning because it’s so hard, at least on the normal level. The funny thing is even if it feels like everything goes smoothly you sometimes are just seconds from loosing. To beat the game you have to fast and accurate (sounds like a commercial but it’s the truth).

As you play the story develops somewhat, however you can almost guess what will happen. The game itself is based heavily on Anime and it really shows in the story and graphics. I really like it though there are a lot of Anime based games out there right now.

Darius Gaiden comes with a number of weapons divided into four levels with 3 types of weapons in each level. There are also 28 levels, which in my opinion is enough. However it would have been nice if Taito made the levels different, they are too similar. A fun feature is the multiplayer co-op play in front of the same computer.

I believe that this game really shows that you can make good ports for the PC. Too bad that Taito didn’t take advantage of the PCs performance and hardware. Darius Gaiden is a great arcade game, the story is however a bit too standard. The game play and artwork is what makes this game stand out from the rest, highly recommended.

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Developer: Taito
Website for game: N/A
Publisher: Interplay
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: N/A
Year of Release: 1999

Pentium 133 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 4X CD-Rom Drive
Tested on:
Pentium III Mobile 850 MHz, 384 MB RAM, Windows XP


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