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E3 2005 Coverage Print E-mail
Written by Shigamoto   
Saturday, 28 May 2005
So yet another E3 has ended, what was the highlights and did we really end up more enlightened about the state of the gaming industry? Well read on to find out.


A number of sequels were presented on this years E3. The most interesting sequels that were presented was Civilization IV, Ghost Recon 3, Heroes of Might and Magic V and Halo 3.

When it comes to Civilization IV Firaxis had decided to pack the game full with features and also new graphics. Religion and culture will play a more important role in the game. Perhaps the most interesting part of the upcoming Civlization is the fact that you can now choose between two leaders on each civilization. Each leader gives your nation different characteristics.

Ghost Recon 3 features a graphical makeover but I think the story is much more interesting. The world leaders are holding a summit in Mexico City, Mexican rebels attacks the event and kidnaps the president of the United States. The ghost recon team has to restore order and also save the president.

A couple of E3 trailers to drool over are the Heroes of Might and Magic V trailer and the Final Fantasy VII tech demo for Playstation 3. In the Heroes movie you could see a couple of battles raging with blistering graphics. The tech demo featured almost movie like quality of Final Fantasy VII.

I would also like to present to you some interesting games that the big gaming magazines aren’t paying much attention. One of them is Trauma Center for the Nintendo DS. In Trauma Center you are a surgeon in a trauma clinic. A number of patients will flow in and you have to treat them, mostly it seems to be about cutting people up and then put them together again.Yet it’s a pretty nice touch and frankly I haven’t seen a game about doctors in decades.

Another interesting thingy was the Game Boy Micro introduced by Nintendo. It’s a very small Game Boy which will be compatible with all the Game Boy Advance titles. The Micro is set to be released this fall.

Other than that it was much talk about the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 during the E3.

For more info about this years E3 go to:

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