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User Rating: / 3
Written by Shigamoto   
Tuesday, 10 May 2005
Who would have thought that little worms could be so fun, no one until Team 17 released Worms in 1996.


Worms is a turn-based game about tiny pink worms battling for supremacy. They don’t battle in conventional worm ways; instead they use bazookas, grenades, bombs, air strikes and other until now exclusively human used products.

In the game you will control a team of four worms. The teams can be customized with special voices (a number to choose from) and each worm can be named. There are a bunch of levels that are randomly made by the computer. Each level has it’s own characteristics and if you want to play the exact same level again you can always write down the code for the level in question.

Also there are a number of themes on each level, such as Halloween, Vietnam, scrap yard, desert, and many many others. This way you will not grow bored of monotonous levels.

Worms comes with several modes to play the game. You can use the challenge mode in which you will get certain tasks to complete, for example annihilate an enemy worm before the enemy worm kills your whole team. You can also choose to play in a league (the core mode) in which you meet other teams, the outcome of the games get posted on a table and you can see which team is the leader and the looser.

Your team can meet up to three other teams. The AI on the computer teams are pretty good, sometimes they pull off stuff that humans would have a hard time doing. Somehow the AI is too good in certain situations. For example one time an enemy worm managed to sneak in a bazooka shot through a tiny hole from the other side of the level, not a very likely shot.

You won’t get tired of the weapons in the game. There are all of the conventional weapons such as air strikes, bazooka, grenades, cluster bombs and so on. But what really stand out are the special weapons, which include an explosive sheep and a banana bomb among others.

The explosive sheep would probably get a number of animal rights activists going. A worm let’s the sheep loose and the animal run over the level until it blows up in a devastating explosion. Pretty fun concept and definitely unusual.

You can also choose to use the banana bomb, you fire it like an ordinary grenade, however it explodes before hitting the ground and creates a carpet of explosive bananas falling from the sky. Leaves quite an inferno after use.

Worms does have some sick humour, for example when each worm dies it leaves a tombstone, but there is no blood and not much violence so from that angle the game aces.

Controlling the game is quite simple. All you have to worry about is the wind and how hard you should shoot. It takes a lot of practise to be able to fire with accuracy, but after a couple of hours you should be able to.

The soundtrack in the game is a bit disappointing. There are a couple of good rock tracks, but other than that it’s just some boring mixture between pop and electronic in slow motion.

Graphically Worms isn’t much to brag about, there are no lighting effects, no 3D rendering and no lens flares. But it doesn’t'’ matter since the game is great fun and will keep you occupied for hours. It’s even more fun if you play against a friend using the same computer, it can really kill some time.

Worms was released in two versions besides the original version, Reinforcements and United. Reinforcements added IPX Network and other multiplayer capabilities. It also added the ability to make custom landscapes.
Worms United is a version of the game that combines Reinforcements and the original games; it also comes with extra levels and sounds.

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Developer: Team 17
Website for Game:
Publisher: Ocean
O/S: DOS Win 95/98/ (Doesn’t work on Windows NT/XP)
Cost of Full Game: N/A
Year of Release: 1996

486 SX 25 MHz, 4 MB RAM, 1 MB VRAM, MS DOS
Tested on:
Pentium 2 333 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 32 MB VRAM, Windows 98


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