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User Rating: / 5
Written by Shigamoto   
Sunday, 24 April 2005
Who doesn’t love the smell of burnt rubber and petrol, no I’m not talking about a car game but about a motorcycle game.


In Moto Racer you are a racer biker who’s competing in dirt and road racing. You will master one of the fastest and meanest road and dirt bikes ever created.

There are a number of bikes to choose from, the differences between them except the colors are the acceleration, grip and top speed. The player has to choose the bike that’s most comfortable for the upcoming track. The problems with the bikes are that they don’t have any names, they just have different colors.

The circuits in the game are not bad at all. Since you can ride both cross and road racers in Moto Racer you will be presented with a number of dirt arenas and a number of road tracks. The dirt circuits are often really cool and can at times be very challenging.

The asphalt roads are also cool modelled, but there is not that much technical skill needed. They are just fast and just one wrong turn will often cause you to loose your place in the pack.

Moto Racer is pretty hard to play, or the game has a code that you have to break, once you have broken it you will win on most tracks. In the beginning it can be really frustrating to be left behind by the other opponents, but with some training you will win easily. I actually like that the game is a bit hard, some racing games these days are just too easy to even be sold.

There are three modes in Moto Racer, practice, single track and championship. The championship mode is the main mode of the game, if you qualify in each of the four first tracks you will be presented with new tracks. So if you want some bang for your buck you have to play the championship mode.

Graphically the game is totally ok. Sure it lacks some good modelling, the riders looks like computer modelled figures, which they are. They also have strange edges around them and definitely some lightning issues, but considering the game’s age it won’t lower the score much.

However the music will lower the score. The tracks are uninspiring and boring, they could just as easily have been played at a senior citizen dance hall or something similar.

The most important aspect of Moto Racer is the feeling when you are riding. It almost feels like the real thing and every minute of it is just pure fun.

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Developer: Delphine Software International
Related Websites: N/A
Publisher: Electronic Arts
O/S: Windows 95/98/ME
Cost of Full Game: N/A
Year of Release: 1997

Tested on:
Pentium 2 333 MHz, 64 MB RAM


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