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User Rating: / 4
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 13 February 2005
A nuclear war has destroyed earth and there are only two factions left on the planet, the Survivors and the Evolved (basically a bunch of mutants). Of course these two factions can't live at peace, otherwise it wouldn't be a real time strategy war game.

In the beginning of the game you notice that this game has some humour, which is great because it isn't that many real time strategy games that has that. Another thing you notice is how similar this game is to every other real time strategy game, it lacks some originality.

There are four different play modes, single player, multiplayer, chaos mode (multiplayer against the computer) and you can also select individual missions to play. There are enough modes to not get bored.

The missions in the single player campaign ranges from rescuing to all out assaults. Between the missions there are cut scenes, usually in ok quality and often with a bit of humour.

Multiplayer can be played with modem, serial or through a network. The multiplayer games with KKND aren't bad at all and reaches Command&Conquer quality easily.
If you don't have access to multiplay you can always try to chaos mode. Which is basically like a multiplayer game but your opponent is the computer. In chaos mode you have to act with extreme speeds in the beginning. The computer builds up a substantial army in no time, even in easy mode. You could say that the chaos mode is somewhat unbalanced, but after a while you get the hang of it.

Graphically KKND looks a little bit better than the original version of Command&Conquer. There are no real lightning effects, and the infantry units can sometimes look very small, sometimes so small that you wonder where they went.
KKND can brag with good sound effects, because they are really outstanding. You really feel involved in the battles when you hear cannons and machine gun fire, and not just some ticks like you do in other strategy games.

The units that the Survivors posses are basically human made vehicles of different kinds. Usually they have been Mad Max styled, but other than that they aren't that special. The Evolved has a bit more interesting units. For example most of their units are built by bones, for example the infantry has bows made by bones.

KKND is basically a rip off of Command&Conquer, but a pretty good rip off and it's quite entertaining to play it. However it lacks originality and the story is a standard text book one.

In 1997 KKND Xtreme was released, which has more missions (20 new) and a load of other improvements. I would recommend getting the Xtreme version instead of the original one.

Developer: Beam International
Website for Game:
Publisher: Melbourne House
O/S: Win 95/98/ME/XP
Cost of Full Game: N/A
Year of Release: 1997

Pentium 75 MHz, 16 MB RAM,

Tested on:
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM, ATI Radeon Graphics Card

Comments (1)
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1. 27-03-2007 13:48
not good at all..
Its a very bad and slow game.. but I'm a fan of KKND2 - krossfire, it beats every Command&Conquer game's ass..
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